Introducing Lami

Introducing Lami Singer. Songwriter.

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    go Known for her stage presence and strong live performances, Lami Phillips as a Neo-Soul/Afro-pop singer & songwriter, stage and TV actress has carved out an enviable niche for herself. At the heart of all she does, lies her passion for love, life and truth.

    The eclectic performer is not just selective about what stage or platform she accepts but is also careful and discerning when it comes to her music, her scripts and her audience. She thrives on the organic elements and surprises that come with performing with her live band while immersing herself also into scripts of movies she engages in.

    Her debut body of work “intuition” quickly earned her critical acclaim in music circles in Africa.

    Growing up, Lami was always surrounded by all genres of music, as her parents and siblings were all music enthusiasts. She found that she was naturally inclined to RnB, Soul and Jazz, from an early age, and would write songs and make herself mixtapes to listen to, of all her favorite artists. Her music interests ranged from the likes of Tupac Shakur, to Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Kim Burell, Jill Scott, Sade, Otis Redding and many more.


    Lami Phillips (LAMI) was born in Chicago, Illinois, where she spent her early years. She then moved back to Nigeria with her parents and siblings, where she went through elementary school at Corona School, Victoria Island. While there, she won a talent competition that helped her realize her love for singing and entertaining. She moved to England in her teenage years and lived there for about eleven years, later returning to and the United States.

    Raised by doting parents Lami describes her upbringing and family life as a hybrid of the Bradybunch and the Cosby Family. Her father worked as an executive petroleum engineer in an oil company and moved around the world a lot. This afforded Lami the privileged opportunity to travel to parts of the world and learn different cultures.  She credits her open mindedness and mental tolerance to that experience.

    Her three sisters are her best friends and her 95year old grandma is her role model. Lami never fancied herself a celebrity. All she wanted to do was be a good writer and make good music.


    When Lami got to Nigeria, she was suddenly in an awesome whirlwind of musical genius. She first recorded with legendary Nigerian producer OJB Jezreel working on the song “YOU”. Shortly after that she got into the studio excitedly with ID CABASA who was famed for his award winning work with 9ice. Word spread quickly in the entertainment circle about a “ new girl with a new sound” and soon she found herself recording and writing with MI Abaga and Eldee the Don. She put together a body of work and titled it “Intuition”. She never saw it as an album but that is what it was. All entertainment and Alistartistes attended her launch. It was clear she had found her feet.

    After much success on her “Intuition” album with the hit single “Know” featuring M.I, Lami was thrilled to announce the release of single off her Sophomore album, “Pieces of Love,” from which her “Ori Mi Wu” single featuring Iceprince, comes from.

    After promoting the intuition album, Lami took a break and started writing for her sophomore album “pieces of love”. She immediately decided she wanted a significant portion of the album recorded live. Several singles have been released from the album including “titilailai” , “Ori mi wu” and “kotobata”. Following the release of three singles Lami shared “the love EP” with her fans as a teaser to the album. The EP, which was made available on iTunes quickly,caught the attention of critics and industry heads causing them to press for the album release date.

    Album style is AfroFunkSoul with all tracks written by Lami Phillips and music direction by Femi Temowo. It should be released before the end of 2015


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    Lami Phillips started her adventures on stage as a child. Being cast in many lead roles in primary school  she never quite realized how talented she was, this was until she was coerced on stage at her high school  in Roedean Brighton. From that moment on her love for theatre and stage performance knew no end. From Shakespeare to modern art pieces, Lamichallenged herself under the tutelage of her drama teacher to immerse herself into roles and personalize her translation of each character to the best of her ability. She went on to more stage performances at the Theatre Royal in Brighton and the Royal Court Theatre in Belgravia.

    Although Lami had been sent several scripts and opportunities when she moved to Nigeria, she refused them arguing that she would want to start with an engaging theatre project before moving into TV acting as she strongly believed in the organic response of the audience lending credence to the craft.

    It wasn’t until she read the script for “SARO the musical” in April 2015 that Lami took to the theatre once again. Playing the lead role of Derry Black in 10 Shows had Lami’s fans asking for more. She was then cast in a lead role alongside Kate Henshaw, Funke Akindele and OC Ukeje in the hit stage production ” London Life Lagos Living”. Lami Phillips has since then been offered roles in movies and TV productions but still remains extremely selective about what roles she accepts.



    Born in Chicago, Illinois, Lami Phillips attended high school in Nigeria and later Roedean School in the UK. Upon completing her studies at Rodean, she enrolled at the University of Kent and then went on to study for her MA in Strategic Management at the University of Nottingham. In further pursuit of her educational goals, she relocated to the USA to obtain an Executive MBA at Penn State University in Pennsylvania.



    Lami is a Graduate of  City Academy Acting School , London

    Lami was named a United Nations Ambassador and Envoy and also selected As an Oxfam ambassador alongside Tuface Idibia and Soundsultan.

    Lami has performed for UN and. Presidential dignitaries all over the world from Turkey to USA.

    Her song OriMiWu is part of the upcoming blockbuster “the meeting” starring Rita Dominic.

    She also made an appearance with the US Ambassador on the 11th of November in Lagos.


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