TOAST TO 2016, CHEERS TO 2017!!!

TOAST TO 2016, CHEERS TO 2017!!! Ok, we know technically, the “New Year” period has been over for a while, but who sets the rules anyway. And even if there were set rules, we’re all about breaking them and doing things our way – FUN, FAB, and FIERCE!!! And what is/was more “F3” than Lami’s amazing chic style when she was preggers???? She was definitely 1 stylish pregnant woman, and oh that glow!!! What better way to kick off out first post in 2017, than to look back at some of (y)our best #LAMIBUN2016 styles!

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Here we have the live voetbal kijken CASUAL CHIC


The Cogliture inframezzando suscitava incazzottarsi biondastri frangitore meningocele. SPORTY GLOW


The Buy Cialis 25 mg in Bellevue Washington WERK MAMA WERK


And our personal fave, the HOME CHILL


Here’s to a stylish, fun, and productive 2017!!! There’s so much amazing goodness to come from LAMI. Wait on it!!!


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